Winston Our Own Scuba Boy

Most horses avoid- at all costs- submerging their heads under water.  Winston, however, is the exception as his idea of a fun afternoon is to, with nose submerged,  sling his water bucket to insure a dramatic swoosh of water across the entire front section of his stall.  For his next underwater feat watch this!!!!!!!

Coiffed Cat

Every summer for the past 4 or 5 years, our very fluffly cat Leo has had a lion cut during the summer to avoid those pesky mats, burrs and prolonged drying times.  This year his doooo was a bit delayed by the unusually cool summer weather but alas, the mats came and the usually dapper little fellow was dragging about with damp, tangled locks.  Not a good look and a serious hindrance  for the stylish springs, swooshes, leaps and other gymnastic moves we expect from our athletic Leo.  The economy might be bad news but Leo’s locks are today’s good news!  Just take a look at the before and after pictures to see for yourself.IMG_0312IMG_0154

Let Leo inspire us all to do a little more leaping and swooshing this summer!


At the Rabbit Rock Garden

At the Rabbit Rock Garden

When we decided to add rabbits to our Farming Connections family, we chose a little boy rabbit and a little girl rabbit.  These two hoppers are as cute as any two rabbits could possibly be.  With great anticipation, we waited impatiently for the inevitable; little hoppers.  We built Oslo and Moxie a very nice little house with great appointments, soft clean nesting material and easy access to their one of a kind rabbit rock garden.  We read books about rabbits, their gestation period, their pre-birth preparation behaviors etc.  and we waited, and waited.  Everyone whispered words of encouragement and cheered when the two bunnies cuddled with each other, spent time alone together in their little love nest and slept next to each other in the noon day sun. and we waited.

Being a tad slow when it comes to the obvious, we finally acknowledged that something was amiss. No nest, no chubby tummy, nothing.
Back to the pictures, the internet and finally a consultation with a real rabbit expert who agreed to come out to the farm to checkout the situation.
As you have already guessed, the original ‘expert’ had made a slight error.  Our little girl lop ear was no little girl at all.  All is not lost however,  as the two boys get along famously and are having a very enjoyable existence here in their own little rabbit town. Better still, they will remain the center of attention in their little slice of the universe. Not so bad for two cute bunnies.


Boaz and Opp

We have been thrilled by the arrival of two most adorable ducklings:  Opp and Boaz.   Yes, those are not your plain vanilla names but there is a logical, New England-esque explanation:  my niece was visiting the week they were both hatched and she made me promise to name any and all ducklings after towns in her home state of Alabama. As you know, those of us who live in New England keep our promises, hence the names of Opp and Boaz.

Boaz walks in the upright fashion modeled oh so well by Maurice and Pickles so one of those boys is clearly her father.  Opp, on the other hand/webbed foot, walks with a classy forward bend copied from his father Oliver.  There are few things in life cuter than baby ducks so I hope you will come by to see them soon.