Boaz and Opp

We have been thrilled by the arrival of two most adorable ducklings:  Opp and Boaz.   Yes, those are not your plain vanilla names but there is a logical, New England-esque explanation:  my niece was visiting the week they were both hatched and she made me promise to name any and all ducklings after towns in her home state of Alabama. As you know, those of us who live in New England keep our promises, hence the names of Opp and Boaz.

Boaz walks in the upright fashion modeled oh so well by Maurice and Pickles so one of those boys is clearly her father.  Opp, on the other hand/webbed foot, walks with a classy forward bend copied from his father Oliver.  There are few things in life cuter than baby ducks so I hope you will come by to see them soon.

7 thoughts on “Ducklings!!!!!

  1. Wonderful Gail. What you are doing at Farming Connections is simply great. I love the names of the ducklings.

  2. Cuties!! I can’t even believe how big they’re getting! And such little trouble makers! Boaz is a very clever little girl, and so sweet to her big brother Opp!

  3. Gail – I love your new website. It is wonderfully informative and also entertaining. I really like how each page shows a different animal to sponsor and has different comments from families who have benefited from Farming Connections.

    I love the addition of the Baby duckies and the bunnies. Please keep us posted on their growth.

    This is great!!

  4. Hey Gail

    This really is a great website. The Bunnies apartment shots came out fabulous. Many Bunnies in the world would love a life like that:)

    Also love the old favorites Leo, Betty Bet Bet and the Ducks…. now even the to babes. Good for you there is something for everyone here.

    Hope to see you soon

  5. The Website has turned out really good Gail. All the animals look like they were posing for their shot in the Newspaper. They all look happy and healthy. Hope to see you soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  6. Hi Gail! I love this website. So nice to see all my old friends again 🙂 And the wonderful new additions. I hope to come visit soon, and meet them all.

  7. Samia,

    It would be just wonderful to see you again!!! Your Mother has told me of your journalistic work- I am very impressed.

    Here’s hoping you will be down this way again soon.

    Wishing you joy and contentment,


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