Cole Daniel Bolo Hits a Home Run!

Cole Daniel is one of our barn cats who is beloved by many;  especially by Saryn Lauzon and her son Ethan who have decided to sponsor this lucky boy!

Cole Daniel’s life has taken a dramatic turn upward since being hit by a car and delivered to the Brattlebor Vet Clinic by the police. At the Brattleboro Clinic  he was loving cared for by Drs. Boardman and  Sorton as well as by the support staff.  Saryn is one of the clinic’s support staff.  It was Saryn who brought Cole Daniel’s situation to my attention.  Her gentle but persistent reminders about this playful young cat who had yet to find a permanent home were initially brushed off thinking that eventually, someone would decide to take him, after all, we already have 4 barn cats.  As time passed and no one had adopted him, Saryn’s persistence hit its mark.  With  broad smiles, Saryn and her son Ethan arrived with Cole Daniel in tow.  As if arranging his placement here was not enough, they have taken their devotion to this quirky, friendly and playful little guy one step further by deciding to continue their support of his future well-being by sponsoring Cole Daniel Bolo!!!.

A huge Thank You Saryn and Ethan!000_0021000_0014