Growing up but not Apart: Wedowee/ Rabbit Reunion

Just checking to see if the awesome threesome were still willing to spend some time together, we reunited Wedowee with Oslo and Moxie.

( There are now 4 rabbits but the two babies were fast asleep in their parent’s house located in the corner of the room)

The video, produced by Ethan Meckle, is just too, too heartwarming!  See for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Growing up but not Apart: Wedowee/ Rabbit Reunion

  1. I am friend of one of your clients mother and she had told me about your program while I was interviewing her about her son Ethan. I am doing a research paper on Autism for a class at school and she said to check out the site. The vido with the rabbits and the chick was just utterly amazing and it sure does show us that no matter how different we are, we can all get along. Your work is amazing and all I can say is that we need more people like you around to help these children. May God bless, and thank you for allowing me to view the video.
    Carole Meattey.

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