Gentle Spirit, Generous Heart

One of my students has a very special gift with the animals especially with Buster our Percheron. Her gentleness and patience with all of the farm residents makes her one of the animals’ most favorite visitors.  Recently Clary did something that was really awesome.  Not the “awesome” of kids’ slang, but the awesome meaning to inspire awe.

On her last birthday, instead of asking for a new doll or video game or new this or that, she asked her Grandmother to give her a year long sponsorship for Leo one of our barn cats!  Now Clary is just 9 years old!   To be that caring and generous so early in life is something very special indeed.  Leo is one lucky cat and the rest of us  — both human and non-human animals  —  are lucky to have such kind young lady in our midst.

Leo’s sponsor is Clary Sage Mitchell