We lost some very precious teachers over the past months.  Fernando, the world’s most adorable donkey died unexpectedly this winter.  There were many tears shed as Fernando  brought joy to so many.  His absence can still be felt.

Our Beloved Fernando




We lost our playful feline clown, our beloved quirky  little Cole Daniel Bolo.  He was not feeling well but before we were able to bring him to the vet he disappeared.

Saryn, who with her son Ethan sponsored Cole Daniel, is holding the little guy the day he arrived.

The severe heat of the summer took a heavy toll in the chicken family:  we lost Amanda, Helen and Maude.  The circle of life can be a very difficult one to accept but harder to deny.  While our tears were still wet on our cheeks,  Samantha presented us with 6 healthy and adorable chicks.  New life has a way of reminding us that death and birth are tied together.


Maude, Shade's Mom, stately friend


Amanda, Elizabeth's special girl

Helen who ruled the roost with dedication