Buddy Walk, Kiwanis Benches, Volunteers!!!

On October 2nd Gail and board member Patti Doiron participated in Brattleboro’s Buddy Walk which is an annual event held to raise money for the Winston Prouty Center.  We sold FC tee shirts, homemade cookies and met many wonderful people.  Another huge delight was seeing old friends who were also participating in this important community event.

FC is now looking more uptown thanks to the Brattleboro Kiwanis Club who have donated 5 benches to place in strategic places.  The benches allow clients and their families to have a comfortable place to sit and observe our teachers interacting with peers or with other species of teachers.  This special contribution to our environment is a keenly important one.  A HUGE thank you to the Brattleboro Kiwanis Club!

Bridget, Scarlette and Bob enjoying one of  the new benches.

Another wonderful addition to FC has been the increase in our volunteer staff.  Annette Dykema, Natasha and Joshua, Katie MacAllister, Anna, have joined our volunteer crew and have already made a huge positive difference at FC.  Natasha and her husband Joshua have made our duck habitat look oh so much better and more comfortable for our inimitable duck teachers and with help from Annette have reconfigured the chicken yard. The volunteers have been staining, cleaning, mucking, training etc.  What a wonderful thing for all!!!

Our new volunteers  join: Elizabeth Doiron, Maya Sutton-Smith,Wendi Zimmerman and Katie Reynolds who have contributed so very much in helping to make Farming Connections a better place for both animals and people.

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  1. Welcome everyone. It is great to have so many people that appreciate the wonderful services provided at Farming Conections. Thank you all for your contributions to this great organization. I can’t wait to meet you all and see where we can take this great organization.

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