Sophia does her Dad Fernando Proud

Sophia visiting pre-procession

Palm Sunday has been a special day for St. Michaels Episcopal church because of its celebration of Jesus’ ride into town on the back of a donkey. It became an even more special day thanks to Sally Swift who thought the church’s celebration could be improved a bit if a real burro could be persuaded to lead the procession. Enter Fermando, world’s cutest donkey. He led the procession to the delight of Sally and her fellow church members. No one could resist Fernando’s charming ways. Sadly and most unexpectedly Fernando passed away in the early winter of 2009. It was at this point that the church offered Sophia, Fernando’s daughter, a chance to step into her father’s shoes. Last year, her first go at it, was a bit sketchy… Dr. Sorton and I had to literally lift her hind quarters into the air to get her to move forward. Maya Sutton-Smith patiently encouraged her while Sophia’s ‘rear wheel drive’ was not so delicately ‘encouraged’ to get along little donkey… This year was the year for Sophia to prove the naysayers wrong! She most politely and willingly led the Palmsters along with joy in her mighty little burro heart. Palm Sunday was special indeed. Thank you Sally Swift: your vision carries on to the delight of others on Palm Sunday as well as on the ¬†other 364 ¬†days of the year!

A huge thank you to Dr.Pam Sorton who has been instrumental in keeping Sally’s tradition going.