We lost some very precious teachers over the past months.  Fernando, the world’s most adorable donkey died unexpectedly this winter.  There were many tears shed as Fernando  brought joy to so many.  His absence can still be felt.

Our Beloved Fernando




We lost our playful feline clown, our beloved quirky  little Cole Daniel Bolo.  He was not feeling well but before we were able to bring him to the vet he disappeared.

Saryn, who with her son Ethan sponsored Cole Daniel, is holding the little guy the day he arrived.

The severe heat of the summer took a heavy toll in the chicken family:  we lost Amanda, Helen and Maude.  The circle of life can be a very difficult one to accept but harder to deny.  While our tears were still wet on our cheeks,  Samantha presented us with 6 healthy and adorable chicks.  New life has a way of reminding us that death and birth are tied together.


Maude, Shade's Mom, stately friend


Amanda, Elizabeth's special girl

Helen who ruled the roost with dedication



Rolling Along

After a long absence of blog updates it’s time to bring everyone up to date.

As you may have guessed, we had yet another litter of little bunnies.  Ms. Madison, pictured in the little red truck, was the smallest and some would say the sweetest.

We had a full house of hoppers- almost wall to wall rabbits. The boys who still live here have all been neutered and the baby boys who were not neutered are in their new forever homes.  What this should mean is we will not be having any more baby rabbits but will spend our time enjoying the ones we have.

Our exciting plan for our rabbits is to have a bunny jumping competition right here at Farming Connections so stay tuned!

When rabbits were bumper to thumper. (sorry about that)

Rabbit Magic

If you’re going to be proved wrong, Moxie/Duncan had the perfect way to show more than one human that we just don’t know very much about rabbits.  Last Thursday, September 3, while cleaning the rabbits little house, I discovered a little nest with  itty bitty baby bunnies!  Moxie/Duncan/Doxie is a girl after all!!!  When the folks at Lightlife Foods decided to sponsor our new lop- eared mom, I bet they were not expecting this!  One of the little ones looks amazingly like his father Oslo and the other survivor ( 2 little babies did not survive) is black with a little hint of white around its ears. You can see for yourself !



Another Duckling Update

With help from volunteers Cam, Paula, Elizabeth, Maya and Steven, the entire duck family was moved to their new quarters.  Much is still to be done but getting the entire flock back together was our number one priority and that was accomplished.   We celebrate this step towards our goal of a welcoming, duck friendly area that will keep ducks safe and healthy while allowing visitors to watch their duckishly [sic} hilarious antics.

Steven Streeter donated his strength and know how to make the most difficult aspects of this move possible.  Thanks Steven!  and a big thank you to everyone else who pitched in to improve the lives of a small flock of ducks.  Awesome.


A Salute to Buster

Buster is a percheron who was abandoned here almost a decade ago.  He was brought here with his long time friend and harness mate, Anna.  Prior to the untimely vanishing of his then owner, Anna was sold.  Buster was distraught; he ate very little, stood with his head hanging, lost weight and became sluggish.  There wasn’t a medical explanation for this radical change in his presentation: he was grieving the loss of his beloved Anna.  In my desperation to help Buster, I decided that he needed a job.

With his big back, his gentle nature and overall responsiveness it seemed reasonable to see if he would like to work with children.   This was the beginning of a new chapter in Buster’s life.  Since his maiden voyage as a lesson horse, Buster has taught people of all ages how to communicate with horses.  In so doing, he has helped to build the self-confidence of many, raised the joy quotient in the lives of many and has delighted, amazed and endeared himself to all who have had the opportunity to spend time with this lovable, kind and steady horse.

One of Buster’s most endearing traits is his uncanny knack for telling when a rider needs special consideration and care.  He is especially patient and forgiving with those who lack the experience or motor control to execute required moves correctly.  His insight and desire to keep his riders safe and successful  is something that must be witnessed to fully appreciate.

When Buster is very happy, his lips quiver.  One day after a ride a young girl who adores Buster pressed herself into Buster’s side and did her best to hug his huge body with her small arms.  She had the side of her face pressed into his side.  At that moment I noticed Buster’s lips quivering with joy. This was one of the most moving moments I’ve ever witnessed between horse and rider.100_0089

buster pictureIMG_0013

Thank you Buster for all you have taught us. Those who know this gentle giant hope he will continue his work for a long, long time.