Rolling Along

After a long absence of blog updates it’s time to bring everyone up to date.

As you may have guessed, we had yet another litter of little bunnies.  Ms. Madison, pictured in the little red truck, was the smallest and some would say the sweetest.

We had a full house of hoppers- almost wall to wall rabbits. The boys who still live here have all been neutered and the baby boys who were not neutered are in their new forever homes.  What this should mean is we will not be having any more baby rabbits but will spend our time enjoying the ones we have.

Our exciting plan for our rabbits is to have a bunny jumping competition right here at Farming Connections so stay tuned!

When rabbits were bumper to thumper. (sorry about that)

Rabbit Magic

If you’re going to be proved wrong, Moxie/Duncan had the perfect way to show more than one human that we just don’t know very much about rabbits.  Last Thursday, September 3, while cleaning the rabbits little house, I discovered a little nest with  itty bitty baby bunnies!  Moxie/Duncan/Doxie is a girl after all!!!  When the folks at Lightlife Foods decided to sponsor our new lop- eared mom, I bet they were not expecting this!  One of the little ones looks amazingly like his father Oslo and the other survivor ( 2 little babies did not survive) is black with a little hint of white around its ears. You can see for yourself !



Duckling Update

Oh how very fast they grow!  Both Opp and Boaz have been growing like little bamboo shoots and will soon need much more spacious quarters.  This week is camp week so maybe, just maybe the campers will help get the relocation rolling.  I’ll keep you posted!  Opp is the darker duckling. Boaz stands alone in the picture on your right. Can you say CUTE!!




Boaz and Opp

We have been thrilled by the arrival of two most adorable ducklings:  Opp and Boaz.   Yes, those are not your plain vanilla names but there is a logical, New England-esque explanation:  my niece was visiting the week they were both hatched and she made me promise to name any and all ducklings after towns in her home state of Alabama. As you know, those of us who live in New England keep our promises, hence the names of Opp and Boaz.

Boaz walks in the upright fashion modeled oh so well by Maurice and Pickles so one of those boys is clearly her father.  Opp, on the other hand/webbed foot, walks with a classy forward bend copied from his father Oliver.  There are few things in life cuter than baby ducks so I hope you will come by to see them soon.