Animal Mediated Therapy sessions are scheduled throughout the week.  With the exception of hippotherapy clients, sessions can incorporate time with any of the farm animals.  Animal based activities are chosen based on the needs and goals of each individual client. Clients are referred by private and public health care providers, by parents or guardians and at times by schools.

Session fees for Animal Mediated Therapy services are $65.00. Sessions are typically 45 minutes to one hour in duration. This fee includes development of a behavior plan which includes goals and objectives. Clients who do not require a behavior plan but would benefit from being led on a horse per traditional hippotherapy have sessions that last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The fee for this service is $40.00/ session.

Clients Giving Back to the Community

• FCI intends to develop a program to bring certified therapy animals to local hospitals, nursing homes, and other community organizations.   FCI clients who have demonstrated their ability to bond with and show a commitment to an animal within the program will be given an opportunity to participate in this facet of the program.  The addition of a therapy animal program will be another way to build and expand community contacts for its clients.  FCI hopes to solicit donations and search for grants to cover the costs related to care and transportation of our therapy animals.



Donkey rides are for children 80 pounds or less.  A $5.00 donation is requested.  Donkey rides are available every sunny Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

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